2023 Hummer EV side view


The HUMMER is back and GMC has made a major change: It’s electric! The off-roading SUV and pickup truck are powered by Ultium batteries with up to 300+ KW. At 800V DC, it charges quickly with nearly 100 miles in 10 minutes.

The 2023 HUMMER EV features an immersive design with a panoramic infinity roof that showcases opaque sky panels and its underbody UltraVision cameras have clear views of every surrounding.

2023 Hummer EV in action
2023 Hummer EV infinity roof

2023 HUMMER EV Capability

The new HUMMER EV boasts impressive power, speed and balance. Its multiple electric motors make 1000 horsepower and propel it from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The adaptive air ride suspension adjusts to different road conditions, raising the height by 6” to adapt to the terrain. The 2023 HUMMER EV’s CrabWalk gives it the ability to drive diagonally at low speeds and creates an adaptive driving experience.


The 2023 HUMMER EV gives a panoramic view of the sky with its new feature, an infinity roof with opaque sky panels. Additionally, UltraVision underbody cameras are waterproof with forward-and-rear-facing cameras in real-time, which enable riders to see what’s ahead as they take in the sights from inside their HUMMER.

New HUMMER EV Trim Levels

2023 HUMMER EV2:
Estimated Starting At MSRP: $84,650
  • 2 motors with an estimated 250+ mileage range with up to 625hp
  • 400-Volt DC Fast Charge Capable
  • Up to 7,400 lb-ft of torque
  • 22″ Wheels with 35″ OD All-Terrain Tires
  • Infinity Roof with Opaque Sky Panels


Estimated Starting At MSRP: $94,650

  • 2 motors with an estimated 250+ mileage range with up to 625hp
  • 800-Volt DC Fast Charge Capable of up to 300kw
  • Up to 7,400 lb-ft of torque
  • CrabWalkTM 4-Wheel Steer (rear wheels turn up to 10 degrees)
  • Adaptive Air Ride Suspension (raises approx. 6”)


Estimated Starting At MSRP: $104,650

  • 3 motors with an estimated 300+ mileage range with up to 830hp
  • 0-60 in approximately 3.5 seconds
  • Up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque
  • 22” Premium Wheels with 35″ OD All-Terrain Tires


The 2023 HUMMER EV3X has already been reserved, however the HUMMER EV2X and HUMMER EV2 will be available in 2023. If you want to reserve your new HUMMER, reach out to Buick GMC Rochester today!


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