OnStar Offers New Member Services and Guardian App

August 22nd, 2023 by

OnStar Logo for Buick GMC

Penz Buick GMC of Rochester and other GM vehicle customers have found the little blue and white OnStar button a familiar site for over 25 years. It was initially a means of instant access to emergency services back when not everyone had a cell phone. It has since expanded to also automatically send post-collision information about the vehicle’s condition and GPS location to OnStar call centers, determine on-demand vehicle diagnostics, enable stolen vehicle tracking, and even provide turn-by-turn navigation. All of which can be highly appreciated when driving away outside the city during a cold Minnesota winter. The service has now expanded further to the downloadable OnStar Guardian app, by which OnStar can expand its services to home and motorcycle riding. 

“We believe that everyone, everywhere deserves to feel safe. That’s why we keep innovating to bring that feeling to more people in more places than ever before,” said Mike Devereux, vice president of OnStar Safety and Connectivity.

On Star On Your Phone

An OnStar Button on your Motorcycle

Well, not really, but by having the OnStar Guardian App on their phone, motorcyclists can now benefit from the following services:

  • Detecting when a member is riding based on the smartphone’s sensors. It also can determine when a sudden change in acceleration occurs, signaling a crash.
  • Notifying OnStar Advisors in the case of an emergency, who can triage a situation, connect with first responders, and provide temporary medical assistance.
  • Accessing Roadside Assistance when in need of towing, a jump, or even gasoline.


OnStar Teams with Alexa

For home use, OnStar has teamed up with Amazon Alexa. Thus, if you use an Alexa device in your home, you can simply say, “Alexa, call for help!” and you will be connected to a trained OnStar Emergency advisor. 

OnStar On Your Rearview Mirror

OnStar Insurance Helps You Save with Driving Data

You can get OnStar automotive insurance now. The advantage is that they can offer rates based on how you drive. So, if you are a safe driver, you will be rewarded for it with discounted rates. There are additional discounts when your car is equipped with advanced safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward and Rear Collision Mitigation, which OnStar can automatically detect.

We have some unique advantages. The OnStar in-vehicle data; always with customer consent; is incredibly powerful in our ability to segment risk, to better price risk, and to give the really good drivers out there – the discount they deserve” said Andrew Rose, president of OnStar Insurance.

OnStar and OnStar Insurance are separate organizations, so subscribing to one does not obligate you to the other. You will find OnStar capability on every new vehicle sold at Valley Buick GMC.  The services are not available, however, until the system is activated. The Vehicle Diagnostics, Dealer Maintenance Notification, GM Smart Driver, and Marketplace services are free for 10 years after a new vehicle purchase, with other services available on a subscription basis. To get details on all of OnStar’s services, Contact one of our Penz Buick GMC of Rochester sales professionals.