Prepare for Ownership

Buick GMC of Rochester, providing the best resources for the best ownership experience.


  • Personal Financial Advocate
  • Buy Online or In-Store
  • One-Stop for paperwork
  • Lifetime Powertrain Warranty*
  • 1-Year Included Maintenance*
  • 7-Day Return Policy*
  • Locally Owned
  • Community-Involved
  • Customer-Oriented


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Make Efficient Use of Your Time

  • Get approved for a loan
  • Avoid long lines at the bank or license bureau
  • Register or transfer a title, sign for a loan all at once
  • Single point-of-contact for all questions and support

Protect Your Investment

  • Explore ownership options
  • Reduce risk of damage or malfunction expense
  • Get a deal on routine maintenance packages
  • Educate yourself on vehicle responsibilities


*Lifetime powertrain warranty Applies to all new vehicles, all Certified Pre-owned, and most pre-owned vehicles under 80,000 miles and under 10 years old. 1-year of maintenance included with all vehicles that qualify for the lifetime powertrain warranty. 7-day return policy is 200-mile limit for new and 300-mile limit for pre-owned vehicles. Return policy applies to all vehicles except As-Is “Budget” vehicles. Contact us for more info.