Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Coverage for as long as you own your vehicle with no expiration date, no expiration mileage.

Includes most engine, transmission, drive axle system, seals, gaskets and other internally lubricated parts.

GMC of Rochester is committed to help our customers take care of their vehicles. Here’s how our lifetime warranty helps…





What’s Included in the Penz Auto Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at GMC of Rochester?

This warranty covers most of your vehicle’s essential driving components. These include the:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive Axle System
  • Engine and Transmission Gaskets
  • Engine and Transmission Seals
  • Internally Lubricated Parts

Our vehicles are already the highest quality possible, so that when you buy from us, you can be sure you’re getting the best new vehicle. If you experience issues with any of these components due to manufacturing defects, the warranty will kick in.

Furthermore, all vehicles with our lifetime warranty come with 1 year of maintenance as well. This includes 2 free oil changes, 2 free tire rotations, and 2 free multi-point inspections.

Which vehicles come with this warranty?

Most of the vehicles we have for sale come with this warranty.

  • All new GMC trucks and SUVs
  • Most Pre-owned or Used vehicles under 80,000 miles and under 8 years of age.*

When you buy any of our new GMC trucks, GMC SUVs, you get a lifetime powertrain warranty included at no cost to you.* Any new GMC Sierra (non-diesel), GMC Yukon or Yukon XL, GMC Acadia comes with the Penz lifetime powertrain warranty.

What do you have to do for this warranty?

There’s no expiration date and no mileage limits. You are responsible for routine maintenance and service as is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If the powertrain warranty comes into effect, you’ll also be responsible for a $100 maintenance deductible for the repairs. If you are going to get your vehicle repaired by a facility other than GMC of Rochester, you must get pre-authorization from GMC of Rochester in order to avoid any complications with maintaining your warranty.

Why does this warranty matter if I’m buying a Certified Pre-owned GMC?

Certified Pre-Owned GMCs already come with a extended manufacturer’s warranty. However, our lifetime powertrain warranty ensures you get protection even after the manufacturer’s coverage runs out.

Enjoy the best ownership experience possible

Our coverage will give you confidence that you are driving the best, highest quality vehicle you can find. You can relax knowing that your investment backed up by your local dealership and that you have support for many of the technical issues that could go wrong.

Contact Our Dealership Today to Learn More

Do you have questions about the Penz lifetime powertrain warranty? Contact us or give us a call. We’ll explain the ins-and-outs of this warranty and you can decide if it’s right for you.


*Excludes diesel vehicles, European vehicles, and performance vehicles.