Six Tips For Safe Trailering

Driver front 3/4 view of 2023 GMC Sierra 3500HD towing a fifth wheel

Towing is one of the main reasons you buy a pickup truck or SUV, and with a GMC, customers have some of the best trailering technology to help make towing even easier and safer for all involved. Whether you are pulling a jet ski, a boat, or a large camper, we have compiled six tips…

Spring Maintenance and Service Specials

April 5th, 2024 by
GMC Brake Service

There are few better feelings than when the weather changes from a deep cold to a lovely, warm spring day. Seeing the flowers bloom and sneezing means it’s time to consider some fresh maintenance items for your car. With the weather changing so much, we recommend that you make an appointment if you think you…

GMC Sierra Bed Accessories Add Storage Solutions

February 1st, 2024 by
2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Utility Wall Latch Kit

The cargo box of a pickup truck is just that, a box. It is much better for carrying big things than little things. The little things can bounce and slide around the bed, requiring you to strap them down. In addition, it is a box without a top, so anything in there is not secure…

Motor Trend’s First Drive of the Canyon AT4X

January 24th, 2024 by
New GMC Canyon AT4X

When GMC redesigned the 2023 Canyon, they added an AT4X version for the first time. It is the most off-road-focused Canyon except for the AT4X AEV Edition version. Many experienced off-roaders know that bigger is not always better deep in the trails, so this off-roading midsize truck is the best of both worlds. Motor Trend…

Everything You Can Do With The Multi Function Tail Gate

January 5th, 2024 by

Pickup trucks are among the most useful vehicles on the road today. Still, automakers are constantly searching for new ways to improve utility and make their pickups even handier for owners. One way General Motors has tackled that challenge is by enhancing the tailgate of its full-size trucks. Both Chevrolet and GMC offer multi-function tailgates…

Fall Maintenance And Service Specials

November 16th, 2023 by
Buick Battery Replacement

Summer is over and the colder weather is starting to creep in, which means it’s time to make sure your car is taken care of and ready for the winter that’s going to be here sooner than you can imagine. Regular maintenance can go overlooked because of finances or busy lifestyles. But don’t worry, our…

Do Winter Tires Make a Difference?

November 10th, 2023 by
Driving Your GMC Truck In Winter

A generation or two ago, when everyone was driving rear-wheel drive cars or trucks, traction control or anti-lock braking systems were unheard of, and every tire was labeled “all-season,” it was standard Minnesota practice to change to snow tires before every winter and change back in the spring.  But now, with most of us in…

How to Increase The Value Of Your Trade-In

September 27th, 2023 by
We Want Your Car!

Buying a new or used car can be a daunting task, but it really doesn’t have to be. Most people are uncomfortable going into a car dealership for fear that they’re going to get taken advantage of and end up with a bad deal, especially if you are trying to trade your car in. However,…

Be Ready For Summer Travel With Our Service Specials

July 15th, 2023 by

Are you intending on traveling with your family this summer? Well, before you go anywhere, is there any service you need done to your vehicle that you may have been putting off? Maybe an oil change, brake service, transmission fluid flush, or even just a cabin air filter or set of windshield wipers? At Buick…

Should You Consider Switching to Synthetic Oil?

May 7th, 2023 by

Whether you had your oil changed here at Buick GMC of Rochester or somewhere else,  you are asked the same question: Synthetic or conventional? And you have probably asked yourself: Should I go with synthetic? Is there really an advantage? Let’s find out. Like other petroleum products, conventional – also known as “mineral” – motor…

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